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Scots Pine 12" Lampshade - grey


Hand printed Cyanotype paper lampshade and turned Walnut base.
The lampshade features Scots Pine landscape print on a coolie shade style

Choice between:
• navy/grey blue (which is cyanotype toned with coffee!)
• original cyanotype blue (please see other listing)

Lamp base sold separately

Hand printed and made in Bristol

•Fitting: E27, with B22 reducer. (Will fit EU and UK lamp holders) and lies 4cm up from the bottom.
•The shades are 4" top diameter, 12" bottom diameter and are 7" tall
•Pendant fitting available on request, please enquire for details

Each lampshade is unique and will vary very slightly from what is pictured, this is due to the time of year, time of day and cloud cover on the day of exposure.