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Commissioned work

Please get in touch if you would like to commission a piece. Scroll down for my recent projects.

"Claire is a wonderful artist to work with. She’s creative, incredibly skilled and is seemingly able to turn her hand to anything. She’s produced lovely work for us which has beautifully enhanced our home."

AF, Ambert, France



I was very excited when I was asked to decorate a room inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.  Drawing on his later work for my inspiration, I designed similar shapes and organised them into a repeating pattern which would be printed to create the large pair of  floor length curtains for the bedroom. Mirroring his technique of cut paper, I went about creating screen printing stencils, cutting each colour separation out by hand. 

La Danse is a painting I love, the dancing motion of the figures holding hands. It feels ritualistic and tribal. 

I created floor length curtains in a hand cut screenprinted repeat pattern with a handpainted wooden lamp and paper shade.

"We have worked with Claire for about 5 years. It all started with a commission to paint the Matisse “Blue Nude” in one of the bedrooms in our rural French farmhouse. To complement the nude, Claire designed, hand printed and made the full length curtains as well as the Matisse inspired lamp and lamp base. The room is gorgeous and our guests love it." A. Fraser. Ambert, France 2019



The beauty to me of The Kiss by Klimt is in the decorated cloth the two figures are cloaked in. 

Taking the strong elements of his garment I created a geometric all over pattern with gold highlights for a large lampshade for a standard lamp stand.

"Claire also designed a standard lampshade to complement Klimt's "The Kiss".  Claire picked out a small element of the gown’s pattern to create a unique piece that pays homage to the Klimt. Importantly it works both lit and unlit. Lit - it casts a lovely warm light – and we love it." A. Fraser. Ambert, France 2019


A beautiful fuchsia coloured fruit, native from Iran to the Himalayas. The Pomegranate enjoys cool winters and hot summers.

Playing with the form of the fruit and the leaves, combined with its natural colour, the design settled into an all over print with coordinating decoration for the wooden base.

The result is a striking, summery lamp which has found its home in a top floor flat over looking the sea in Hythe, Kent.

      "We are delighted with this lamp. We are pomegranate crazy and wanted a lamp to go with the other items in our home featuring this wonderful fruit. 

Claire produced various designs which rather spoiled us. It was so difficult to choose!

The one we ended up with is gorgeous…either on or off and is, of course unique! We love it."

P.Graham, 2019